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1. When it comes to SEOEUN PLANT TECH?

We established in 1994 and has been working almost 30 years so far. We specilize in Korea regulations and Korea certification.

Many companies have contacted and asked us throughout the world for Korea certification and how to prepare and deal with

so that We support and help them when they contact and ask us for Korea certification.

No matter what, we could support for your successful business.

2. Who are our customers throughout the world?

When it comes to our customers, comes from various kind of industires such as Oil, Gas, Off and on shore, Pharmacy

Bio, Hydrogen, Recycle energy and Chemical as well as Food in the world.

3. Korea Certification

The Design and Fabrication codes for pressure vessels in the world are same or similar, but Korea

Certification is totally different depending on Design data. Please refer to the summary of Korea Certification.

As we can see, Korea Certification is consist of KEA / KOSHA and KGS. Customer who deal with Korea Certification first time

would ne stuck in confusing and hesitate what they have to do to get Korea Certification, but You don't have to worry anything,

We support your business in designated time by our doing best and Experience which has been doing so far foryour business.

4. All about Work scope of SEOEUN PLANT TECH

- Manage all the process from "A" to "Z" when you sign a contract

- Deal with manufacturer not to be delayed for delivery

- Take place how to prepare by meeting and education

- Making all of the documentation for Korea Certification

- Apply to get Korea Certification

- Visit in person to manufacturer factory for Korea Inspection

5. Working Experience of SEOEUN PLANT TECH

We have been working almost 30 years so far throughout the world for Korea certification

6. Other services that can provide to our customers

- Basig and fabrication drawing

- Strength Calculation

- Thermal Calculation


- Process system

- Pilot Plant / Test Bed / Classification




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