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INFORMATION Domestic Certification Inspection Agency


KOSHA / KEA / KGS / Fire Defence Regulation

  SEOUN PLANT TECH Co., Ltd. acts as an agent for certification of major domestic inspection institutions such as KOSHA,
KEA, KGS, and Fire Defense Regulation. SEOUN PLANT TECH Co., Ltd. prepares all documents necessary for inspection certification,
teaches and guides all matters necessary for on-site inspection preparation, as well as directly attends the
inspection to ensure a final pass.

Certification Flow Order
1) Determination of the relevant inspection agency to conduct the inspection of the inspection product.
2) Preparation of various documents, such as drawings and bills, by applying domestic laws and regulations on inspection products.
3) Application and reception progress. (Proceeding with all communication with public corporation)
4) Respond to meetings and comments with inspectors.
5) Responsible for passing the document.
6) Guidance and delivery of preparations and precautions for production inspection.
7) Responsible for issuance of pass certificate.

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